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Dec 18, 2012 6:00am EST
. >> the tragedy in connecticut has schools across the country are taking a hard look at safety. howard county is no different. ken ulman announced the county will be forming a joint task force. he will address school safety concerns. the group will be looking at the present situation to determine what is being done well and what could be done better. they want to identify students that might need help. or might become a threat to themselves or their classmates. >> most of these reports on these school shootings are mass shootings over the last several years and have some common traits. and i think one of them is that people say, he was acting a little odd right before the event. it is getting the public comfortable with reporting that. >> the first meeting is set for later this week. they hope to have a report in the next few weeks. police presence at schools is being stepped up. sarah sampson, wbal-tv news. >> thank you. school officials are examining -- are not alone in examining their school procedures. there was a shooting at perry hall high school on the first day of classes. that is a n
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
, connecticut. >> we will update you on any >> we will update you on any promise spots to but the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down, and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel, because it helps to strengthen the enamel. and i believe it's doing a good job. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i am jennifer franciotti. >> i am sarah call. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we are watching as moisture moves in from the south. this could start thout as an icy mix. 29 in westminster. we are talking about sleet changing over to rain. watch out for a brief period of some ice around baltimore throughout the late morning. >> just a few hours left before the clock runs out on those who have not finish their holiday shopping. >> several stores are open this morning. >> it is looking good. just a couple of trucks and cars here and there. a lot of people were out in force yesterday and throughout the country d
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
, connecticut, those numbers appear to be spiking. >> we do not have numbers for december but we expect more than 8200 purchase applications to be processed. >> in 2011, more than 46,000 purchase application for processed and by the end of 2012, state police project at least 62,000 would be handled. the recent cold snap claimed its first casualty here in maryland. health officials say a frederick county man described only as at least 65 years old died of hypothermia sometime between december 18-24. state health officials are urging people to be prepared for the cold weather. they want you to cover your head, where layers of clothing and to keep your feet warm and dry. last winter maryland saw 15 hypothermia-related deaths. it is 34 degrees right not at the airport. also ahead, a war hero from the 1990's lost his final, more personal battle. more on the passing of general stormin' norman schwarzkopf. >> quiet weather today but may be snow comes in for tomorrow. we are tracking the next form system and details in just a few minutes. >> thankfully, your morning commute shaping up to be a nicen
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3